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Think Local: Mimi Magazine - NOVEMBER 2023

By Patricia Nugent

Following a timeless approach to holistic healing, Wellness Traditions brings together yoga, massage, reiki, and energy work.

Founded by Steve and Michelle Tryon, licensed massage therapists, this hidden gem of a destination’s welcoming and relaxing atmosphere promotes health and brings balance to the mind, body and spirit.

“We meet the client where they are,” says Michelle.

In 2022, Wellness Traditions expanded its services to include yoga, offering an impressive variety of classes: stretch, basic, slow flow, chair and restorative, all with props and bolsters to make it adaptable for all body types. Professionally certified instructors with various teaching styles offer modifications to common yoga poses, carrying out the mantra that all are welcome at the Wellness Traditions Yoga Studio.

As part of the healing vibe, the Tryons bring fellow practitioners to host events and workshops, including sound immersions with Mary Conley and breathwork with Jamie Gooch. Sound immersion transforms one’s consciousness and calms the body by utilizing the power of sound. Don’t miss the Breathwork and Create Workshop on Sunday, December 3. Become a more balanced version of yourself through creativity and meditative breathwork.

Wellness Traditions also offers other modalities such as a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to oxygenate the body on a cellular level, and an infrared sauna to destress, detoxify the body, support metabolism, and relieve pain.

The eclectic setting makes the studio a perfect spot to host your next party for up to 40 guests. Get an event quote by visiting the website and submitting an event request form.

Mention this story and get seven days of unlimited yoga for $7. New students only.

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Wellness Traditions in Eastlake expands therapy options with new yoga space

Area is also a multipurpose room-

News-Herald January 2022

Stephen and Michelle Tryon recently added a new yoga and multipurpose room to their business, Wellness Traditions in Eastlake.

Classes in the new room will begin Jan. 31. Just as Wellness Traditions, 1366 E. 346th St., was born from clients’ needs, the yoga room was also born out of request of clients, said Michelle.

“For our guests, it’s a necessity. It’s an added value for them and this way, they can come to one place for more of their needs,” she said. “We kept the bar when we did the remodeling and it’s nice because we’ll have snacks out, we’ll brew tea — it’s like home. This is about expanding for the community and giving people a place to go. We’re going to keep building.”

Stephen does the massage therapy end of things at Wellness Traditions for therapeutic clients, which helps them with mobility so they can continue working. He also works as a personal trainer and many of his clients are athletes who need work done for an injury they have had or if they’re training for something specific.

“I try to keep their muscles to the point to where they can continue to grow and train without injury,” Stephen said. “Helping them prevent injury provides them that extra they might not be able to get at home.”

Stephen’s clients range from children up to people in their 70s and he strives to gear each client for what they need, he said.

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