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The Wellness Traditions LLC staff is comprised of proactive, experienced and life-loving professionals who are dedicated to promoting well-being and spiritual balance. Our passion for creating a meaningful and relaxing experience for clients is what sets us apart.
The team at Wellness Traditions LLC believe in their craft, and it truly shows in all of our treatments and outstanding customer service. Welcome to the best day of the week.



My yoga journey began 15 years ago as a student when it was recommended to help
me counterbalance the mental and physical stressors of my job in law enforcement. I
found my practice time was the perfect support to relax my mind and strengthen my
body. A few years ago, a friend, and my first yoga teacher asked, “Have you ever
thought about becoming a yoga teacher?”
I wasn’t sure in that moment that sharing my “mat time” was a calling for me. However,
at that time I was teaching physical fitness in the police academy… and I recognized a
purpose to teach yoga. My job led me to yoga, and it felt right to share with future
officers what had supported me through that job. Thank you, my friend, my yoga
teacher journey began with Align Yoga Teacher Training!
Prior to becoming a teacher, yoga was time to focus on myself, to set aside outside
issues and turn inward, personal time to gather my thoughts and strengthen my body.
During and after teacher training new perspectives continue to emerge… open-
mindedness! I find that while I can continue to achieve personal goals, I enjoy the
opportunity to guide my community on their quests of self-exploration!
Current Certifications: RYT 200 Align Yoga Teacher Training, Personal Fitness Trainer,
Licensed Massage Therapist, Neuromuscular Activation & Reset Specialist, Cranial
Sacral Therapist, and Reiki Master.



my definition of yoga:
To me, yoga and stretch are opportunities to be present in your body and mind. A key
foundation in the holistic approach to wellness.
my yoga story.
As a bodyworker, I have been offering a combination of massage and energy work for over 20
years. In this time I have encouraged stretching and yoga to many clients for a variety of
physical, emotional, and spiritual reasons.
my experience:
Certified Stretch Coach YogaBody, RYT 200 Align Yoga Teacher Training, Licensed
Massage Therapist, CranioSacral / SomatoEmotional Release Therapist, Reiki Master.



my definition of yoga:
Yoga is for everyone & you don’t have to be flexible to practice! Yoga is a personal experience
& unique to every yogi. The square footage of the yoga mat gives you permission to take what
you need that day at that moment and differs from yesterday and tomorrow.
my yoga story.
Yoga just happened to me! I needed a relaxing practice to balance my gym routine & was soon
engulfed in the yoga community and enrolled in yoga teacher training. I now practice yoga
several times a week as a means of peace & calming practice. My time on the mat is a training
ground to reverberate relaxing vibes when life gets tough off the mat.

my experience:
200 hr Align YTT 2022
Reiki Level 2
Wellness Traditions Yoga Studio Manager



my definition of yoga:
To me yoga is not something we DO, it is a state of BEING. One can do asana, flow, breathing,
chanting, focusing, but one cannot do the state of being that is unification with all. We cannot do
unification, it is the state that is there all along, we simply reveal it with the practices associated
with yoga. At the end of a practice, we rest in Savasana in the state of being that is yoga. To
quote Ram Dass, “And what is your wealth? To remember that the highest thing that you have
is the awareness of who you really are.”
my yoga story.
I became a yogi before there was even one yoga studio listed in the Cleveland Yellow Pages! At
the beginning I relied on video tapes, embarrassing my kids at the video store by checking out
yoga videos. (Mom, you are SO weird!) Eventually I found a studio in Cleveland around 1999
and became a part of the yoga community in Murray Hill. My enthusiasm for the practice of yoga
led me to a teacher training and I have been teaching yoga since 2001. I am a forever student
of yoga, although many of my favorite teachers have retired, I continue to learn at every
opportunity from teachers with many more decades of experience than I. My focus in teaching is
alignment before range, stability before flexibility. The yoga asana truly has an energy that is
beautifully expressed when the body is aligned in anatomic reality. Any yoga practitioner from
beginner to advanced can benefit from learning about their body and anatomic alignment.
my experience:
TRY for Life 200 Hour Teacher Training
Body Balance 500 Hour Teacher Training
Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher Training
Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level 2
The Pelvis is Everything with Judith Hanson Lasater
and so much more…



my definition of yoga:
A practice that combines physical poses with breath work and meditation. On a deeper level, it
empowers and humbles students every time that they come to the mat as it creates awareness
of our physical - and mental- limitations, but then teaches us to work with these limitations to
create growth.
It is not uncommon to hear me reminding students of this philosophy:
"Yoga is a practice, not a perfect"
my yoga story.
I have practiced yoga for over 20 years. My practice has served to heal my body from all of the
other activities that I participate in- running, cycling, participating in triathlons. It has also created
a way for me to channel her energy and slow down in an intentional and mindful way- not only in
my body, but in my spirit and mind.
my experience:
I earned my 200-hour yoga certification through Awaken Yoga School in 2012 and continued
with the certification process by completing her 300-hour certification in 2014. I have been a
fitness instructor since 2008 in a variety of styles including cycling, pilates, and boot camp. I’m
also a certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and trained in Usui Reiki Level 2.
While I can teach a variety of modalities, my passion is teaching people the skills of alignment. I
am passionate about creating a space where people can learn about themselves, their bodies,
and their practice.



Coming Soon



my definition of yoga:
Yoga is freedom. Freedom to explore who you are, who you want to be, who you don’t want to
be. Freedom to be and feel exactly who you are in the moment.
my yoga story.
About 12 years ago, a friend wanted to try hot yoga. I had no interest in yoga of any kind but I
went along to support my friend- it didn’t take long before I was hooked!
I knew early on that I wanted to teach yoga but it took quite a bit of time before I felt ready to
genuinely share all that I’ve learned and gained from my yoga practice. Now is time!
my experience:
200 hour RYS
Level I Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho)



Coming Soon



my definition of yoga:
For me, yoga is the connection of breath with movement or stillness, depending on what your
mind and body yearn for in any given moment. It is a practice of peace within yourself on and
off of your mat.
my yoga story.
I have personally been practicing yoga for 25 years. At first, I was all about Power Yoga and
using it strictly as a means for a strong body. As I have matured in years and practice, I have
come to appreciate the mind/body connection and the use of my breath as a more wholistic
approach to Yoga for lasting physical, emotional and mental well being. I became a yoga
teacher originally to teach prenatal students. As I have studied, learned and practiced through
the yoga teacher training, I fell in love with many styles of yoga and have enjoyed teaching

my experience:
I am a psychologist by degree. But soon realized that my heart was not in the world of
academia. I have spent 35 years in the childbirth and parenting business in various capacities.
Teaching yoga has been an extension of this type of vocation. Holding space, breathing with
and guiding students through birth or a yoga class. They both hold a special place in my heart.
I currently teach Vinyassa flow, gentle flow, yin and yin-yasa classes. I also have certifications in
trauma informed children’s yoga and prenatal yoga. I am currently working on a chair yoga



my definition of yoga:
yoga means a lot of different things. Community, self care, mindfulness, breath, all connecting
as one, equality!
my yoga story.
I was brought into the practice because a friend invited me. What keeps me in the practice is a
lot of different things. The community that we have at Lake. My practice is to become a better
student and to continue to grow. The experiences/ reflections I received from taking a yoga
class. I also take some of the lessons I learned from a class and implement them into my
everyday life. I also continue to practice to be a student to learn and grow as an instructor.
I became an instructor to share the compassion, inspiration and community with others. I
thought I love yoga so much why wouldn’t I want to share this with the world and my community!
I have been practicing for 13!
my experience:
Ryc 200hr & current student of Align 200 hr YTT anticipated graduation June 2024

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