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Massage & Bodywork

These moments are yours to create~

Massage is a hands-on approach to mind body wellness.  While the importance of holistic self-care is universal, we know each guest is unique, which is why we personalize every aspect of your massage to meet your individual needs.  Our experienced massage therapists will combine their skills and abilities to perform the massage that best serves you and leaves you feeling restored.  That's the Wellness Traditions Way~


Relieve pain, manage health & medical conditions, and increase flexibility and joint mobility.


Promote relaxation, calm your nervous system and lower stress response, balance your breath and rejuvenate your spirit. 


Renew your mind by supporting the balance of beneficial neurotransmitters which may lead to greater overall positivity and decreased irritability. 

Energy Work

These moments are yours to create~

Ancient arts of hands-on energy work performed to harmonize Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual balance.  Connect to your inner source, life force, and vibrancy.


Peaceful Spaces

Peaceful, private, state-of-the-art spaces for relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation.

Services: Treatments
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