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New to Yoga?

No problem! Here's some helpful information to plan your class!

New to Yoga? : Facilities

Yoga Studio Tips

Am I ready for yoga? 

Come as you are, not as you should be.

Our classes are accessible and adaptable for all bodies.

We have professionally certified instructors & props to help you! You are ready!

Can I eat before yoga? 

Eat a fuel-filled snack, such as a banana smeared with almond butter, about one hour before class to boost your energy.

Try not to shove food in your mouth on your way to class. We promise this will hurt your stomach and make you not want to do yoga.

What about water?

Drink a lot of water beginning at the start of your yoga day. Planning to hit up a hot yoga class? Double your water intake. And make sure to bring that water bottle to class with you! Hydration is key to staying mindful and healthy during your practice.

Note: whether you prefer your yoga hot or not, water is your best friend. Bottoms up!

What do I wear? 

Speaking of bottoms up, wear stretchy pants, or shorts. Just be comfortable!

Athletic pants/shorts

If you’re taking a hot class, sweat-wicking fabrics are more advisable than cotton, as the latter fabric is likely to absorb sweat and become uncomfortably clingy.

Sports bra (for females)

Athletic top, as loose-fitting tops tend to fall in poses

What do I leave at the door?

Your shoes



Your iPhone, iPad, or pager

Apple watches are permitted, but please mute your screen, set your device for your workout & disconnect. Apple watches are a distraction to your fellow students & instructor that is holding space for the class. 

What should I bring with me?



Personal props. (We do have blocks, straps, bolsters, & blankets)

Water Bottle

I am injured. Can I still practice? 

Yoga is very gentle on the body and has been known to help heal a wide variety of injuries and ailments. That said, you can still injure yourself doing yoga if not done properly and with care. As for injuries, it is always best to consult a doctor or physical therapist and get their go-ahead.

Let your instructor know so they can offer modifications when applicable and as always, listen to YOUR BODY.

It will tell you when you have gone too far.

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